10 Feb 2018

Carnival in Sao Paulo and Rio turn the streets into a riot of colour

Carnival festivals have taken over Rio de Janeiro and transformed the streets into a riot of colour as revellers dance and drink at block parties with names like 'fire in the underpants'.
Over six million people, including 1.5 million visitors, are expected to take to the streets of Rio for the annual celebrations, which pit the city's 13 best samba schools against one another in ornate parades that can cost over $2million (£1.4million) a piece.
To launch the 'world's biggest party' on Friday, officials handed a glittering key to the city to King Momo, a figurehead who presides over the partying and who, according to legend, was expelled from Mount Olympus before moving to Rio, the so-called 'wonderful city.'
Festival attendees are expected to drop some 3.5 billion reais ($1.1 billion) on the city, with some paying over $1,000 (£720) for tickets to watch the top samba schools shimmy down the 700-meter (2,300-ft) runway at the sambadrome stadium.
Elsewhere in the city, locals and tourists decked out in glitter and tutus will sip beer and dance to powerful drums at over 400 more informal block parties with names like 'Lie down but don't sleep,' and 'Worm's crotch.'
The festival, whose roots lie in a tradition of carnal indulgence before the austere Roman Catholic season of Lent, officially ends next Wednesday.
Major carnival parades and other festivities will also take place in other cities, including Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest metropolis, and Salvador, a city in the northeast.

6 Jun 2017

England players were drilled at an extreme Royal Marine boot camp in the build-up to World Cup qualifier

Gareth Southgate is anticipating a battle royale after taking his players to a Royal Marine boot camp in the build-up to Saturday’s World Cup qualifier in Scotland.
The England stars had no idea what lay in store when they reported up at St George’s Park last Friday.
Twenty members of the England squad, along with key members of the Football Association's backroom staff, were whisked away to a top secret trip.
They had their phones confiscated and went away for three days in Devon in what doubled up as a team bonding exercise.
They spent the next 48 hours in army fatigues completing a series of exercises designed for marine recruits.
They included a night camping under the stars on Woodbury Common, with Raheem Sterling pictured preparing sleeping bags in darkness.
Even Southgate got dunked in the freezing cold water as England’s players were dressed in full military gear and given exercises.
England boss Southgate said: “We wanted to come and put the guys into a different environment, something they weren’t expecting.
“These guys (the Marines) represent Queen and country, and we do the same – but the consequences of failure for the Royal Marines are far higher.
"That gives us a good context and comparison.
“For me, the greatest outcome was that we worked as one team – support staff and players.
"I think there was a real connection formed between everybody, and it was also a great life experience.”
Gary Cahill, Eric Dier, Chris Smalling, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford were given permission to miss the trip while the whole squad was given Monday off and will report up again on Tuesday.

5 Jun 2017

Kanye West's unreleased tracks leaked online

Two tracks of the rapper's unreleased music surfaced online on Sunday afternoon, June 4. Fans undoubtedly freak out, as the leaked music features some of hip-hop best artists today.
The first song is titled "Hold Tight" and it features verses from Migos and Young Thug. Meanwhile, the second song is called "Euro (Switch Hands)" featuring A$AP Rocky. These two tracks will reportedly appear on Kanye's new album which is expected to arrive this year.
Kanye has just returned from his seclusion in Wyoming mountaintop and this news probably upsets him. The 39-year-old spitter seemingly wants to do his best for his upcoming album as he is reportedly nervous about making his comeback after spending a quite long time on hiatus. "He has obviously stayed low-key since his meltdown," a source previously said. "But now he's stressed on what to do to get back in the limelight without making it look like he has lost a step."

2 Jun 2017

Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to revive his Muslim ban

The President gave an executive order barring entry for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days while the U.S. government implements stricter visa screening in March.
It was blocked by courts that found it was discriminatory.
But last night Trump's team filed two emergency applications seeking to block two different lower court rulings.
"We have asked the Supreme Court to hear this important case and are confident that President Trump's executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism," Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement.
At least five votes are needed on the nine-justice court in order to grant a stay.
The court has a 5-4 conservative majority, with Justice Anthony Kennedy - a conservative who sometimes sides with the court's four liberals - the frequent swing vote.
Another of the court's conservatives, Neil Gorsuch, was appointed by Trump this year.
If the government's request is granted, the ban would go into effect.
In its 10-3 ruling, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals
said challengers of the ban, including refugee groups and others represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, were likely to succeed on their claim that the order violated the U.S.Constitution's bar against discriminating against a particular religion.
The March ban was Trump's second effort to implement travel restrictions on people from several Muslim-majority countries through an executive order.
The first, issued on January 27, led to chaos and protests at airports and in major U.S. cities before it was blocked by courts.
The second order was intended to overcome the legal issues posed by the original ban, but it was blocked by judges before it could go into effect on March 16.

Avengers: Thor's iconic hammer returns despite been destroyed in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

A new picture from the set of "Avengers: Infinity War" is unleashed by directors Anthony and Joe Russo. It might have given a huge tidbit on the upcoming movie. It shows Thor's iconic Mjolnir despite the hammer being crushed by Cate Blanchett's Hela in "Thor: Ragnarok".
The third installment of "The Avengers" is coming out May 4, 2018 stateside. It follow Earth's Mightiest Heroes and their allies as they continue to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle. A new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos whose goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality.

Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. They are joined by the latest addition to the team, Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
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31 May 2017

What is Covfefe? Donald Trump's 'Covfefe' tweet sends Twitter into frenzy

Donald Trump has made the headline once again. Instead of making the Internet buzzing with his controversial policies, the 45th POTUS sends Twitter into a frenzy with his latest update on the micro-blogging site. Trump tweeted on early Wednesday, May 31, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe," which left people questioning the meaning of "covfefe".
A number of celebrities have taken to their own Twitter accounts to react to the "non-sense" tweet and are debating the meaning of the misspelled word. "I like that we all quickly googled covfefe just to make SURE first," Kal Penn wrote, while comedian/actor Zach Braff poked fun at Trump's tweet by predicting Sean Spicer's defense of the word. " 'Not only is covfefe a word, it's the greatest word ever uttered,' " so he tweeted alongside a picture of the White House Press Secretary.

"Despite your best intentions, you are the world's biggest idiskiot," mocked Josh Gad. He later joked, "Really bummed he beat us to the chase but, #Covfefe is the villain in Frozen 2." Josh Groban, meanwhile, admitted that "every single covfefe tweet is making me giggle like a titmouse."
Trump's tweet has been active on his account without comment or clarification for three hours at the time of writing. It has been retweeted 82,000 times and received more than 102,000 favorites. In addition, #covfefe quickly became the No. 1 trending topic on the micro-blogging site.

Lil' Kim look unrecognizable in her latest photo after series of plastic surgeries

Lil' Kim isn't done with her physical transformation. After shocking her fans with her transformation to a blonde white woman, the Brooklyn-born raptress has taken to Twitter to share a new photo of hers believed to be taken after a series of plastic surgeries.
The "Big Momma Thang" hitmaker is unrecognizable in the image with her smaller eyes and plumper lips, which look asymmetrical. She simply captions it with "SAUCEY!!" and several emojis. It's reported that Kim has undergone plastic surgeries to fix her nose, breasts and lips among other things since 1999.
While Kim seems to be proud of her new look, some of her followers don't think she looks better now. "Oh no baby what is you doing?" one fan writes.
A hater writes, "what the hell is that creature."
Another commenter posts, "lmao i feel bad for her." Agreeing with the previous commenter, another responds, "Me too. She looks horrible!"

26 May 2017

Is baby on the way? Cristiano Ronaldo could be seen resting his hand on his girlfriend's suspicious-looking tummy

The 32-year-old athlete and his beautiful girlfriend spark speculation they are expecting their first child together after she sported a suspicious-looking bump in latest Instagram pic.

It's the first ever coupled-up photo shared by Ronaldo on his social media account after almost a year together with the brunette beauty. While many simply congratulated the athlete for finally making his relationship Instagram official, some eagle-eyed fans noticed Rodriguez's tummy looked rounder than usual.
One fan simply commented on the sweet pic, "congratulations," another said, "that's nice, good luck man." A wondering fan asked, "why is he cupping/holding her stomach?" Another user gushed, "her bump," while many others alleged Rodriguez "is pregnant."
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Game of Thrones: The four Starks are reunited in new photos

Following the epic "Game of Thrones" season 7 full trailer, a batch of new photos of the medieval series are released for the audience's viewing pleasure. The new photos reunite the 4 remaining Starks, who were separated from each other since the very first episode.
Making their way out online via Entertainment Weekly, one of the photos sees Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Sansa (Sophie Turner), Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Arya (Maisie Williams) posing together with big smiles on their faces. Jon can be seen carrying Arya.
Another photo, meanwhile, features Arya hugging her sister Sansa.

In addition, the site releases 5 covers highlighting the four remaining Starks, a slew of behind-the-scenes photos and a featurette for the upcoming season 7. In the BTS photo, Arya is seen carrying Needle, her sword which was given to her by Jon Snow.
Of what a Stark reunion might look like, Sophie says that "there'd be Monopoly and Scrabble." She adds, "I don't know. It would all kind of be a bit strange, like after everything that they've gone through. I think it might be quite a quiet dinner or something that's pretty awkward." Kit, meanwhile, says, "I think like...the Westeros-ey equivalent of like bowling alley or something. I don't know some party. I think big big ol' party. Big ol' feast." As for Isaac, he wants nothing but a nice dinner, which doesn't end in all of them getting murdered.

Queen Elizabeth visits victims of Manchester bombing in Hospital

Queen Elizabeth II has visited the victims of Manchester bombing. On Thursday, May 25, the monarch arrived at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital at around 11:20 A.M. to comfort some of the young people who were injured in the attack that occurred after Ariana Grande's concert on Monday night.

While talking to 14-year-old Evie Mills, who received the concert tickets as a birthday present, the Queen said of the attack, "It's dreadful. Very wicked. To target that sort of thing." The Queen also met 15-year-old Millie Robson, who wore an Ariana Grande T-shirt.

Millie said she had won VIP passes and met the pop star backstage. The teenager said, "I have a few, like, holes in my legs and stuff, and I have a bit of a cut, and my arm and just a bit here, but compared to other people I'm quite lucky really."
The Queen also discussed Ariana, saying she was a "very good singer," before adding, "She sounds very, very good." The Queen wished Millie a quick recovery and told her father David of the attack, "It's not something you expect at all."
Queen Elizabeth also met doctors, nurses and others who have been treating the injured and thanked them. She told one member of the staff, "The awful thing was that everyone was so young. The age of them."

22 May 2017

Wayne Rooney's son Kit caught the eye of fans on the hallowed Old Trafford turf

There was a definite flavour of a changing of the guard as Wayne Rooney was replaced by Angel Gomes on Sunday at Old Trafford.
The local lad, aged 16, became the youngest ever Manchester United player in the Premier League when he came on in the 88th minute.
It was another youngster, Joshua Harrop, who scored the first goal of the day, added to by Paul Pogba for a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace.
But another potential future talent, based on his genes anyway, caught the eye of fans on the hallowed Old Trafford turf - little Kit Rooney.
Wayne's youngest son showed he knows where the back of the net is - even if he choses a different method than his father has 270 times for club and country.
Pictures show Kit, who turned one in January, taking a tumble into the back of the goal trying to retrieve the ball.
The little guy showed some resilience though, another trait of his old man, getting back and playing again in no time.
Kit was carried by both his mother Colleen and Wayne on the pitch during the final day of the Premier League season.
He was joined by brothers Kai, 7, and Klay, who was celebrating his fourth birthday.

Real Madrid celebrate La Liga title as Cristiano Ronaldo hits out at critics- I'm not a devil

Cristiano Ronaldo went on the attack after Real Madrid claimed their first La Liga title in five years, as he aimed a shot at critics who have labelled him a 'delinquent'.
The Portuguese fired home the opening goal in Madrid's 2-0 win over Malaga which sealed the Spanish title on the final day of the season.
That ended a domestic title drought that stretched back to the 2011-12 season, as the European champions claimed their 33rd Spanish title.
And following the win, Ronaldo took aim at those that have been criticising him in recent weeks.
"People talk about me and don't know s---," he told Marca . "I don't watch TV because if I did I wouldn't have a life, that's how often they talk about me in a bad way, in football and outside of football, they talk about me as if I were a delinquent."
"When people talk about Cristiano they get it wrong, inside and outside of football," he continued. "Football critics don't worry me because I know doing the math people will shut up.
"They always have two stones in their hands when I speak. I am not a saint, but I'm not a devil either, which is what many people say I am."
Ronaldo had been subject to criticism in the Spanish press this week after he was pictured gesturing towards Gustavo Cavral during Real's win over Celta Vigo on Wednesday, amid rumours that Celta had been offered an extra financial incentive to beat the now-champions. Madrid won 4-1, with Ronaldo scoring twice.
Moving past that, Ronaldo saluted the contribution of Zinedine Zidane before looking ahead to the Champions League final.
"I'm very happy because it was a spectacular end to the season, the best in many seasons, because of intelligent management, the help of the coach, and the contributions of those who played less," he said.
"We know the Cardiff final will be very difficult," he said, "but for now we will enjoy our first La Liga title in five years."
Zidane returned the compliment, hailing Ronaldo as a difference maker.
"He is always there to make the difference," Zidane said.
"I am happy for him and the rest, it is a little different because he is always there to do it.
"It is spectacular, the credit is for all of them because all of the players have fought, the message has been that they are all important and have been key to the success."


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